Second Life University – How to Customize Your Avatar with Hair & Accessories

The author gazing out from an exo-plant display.

The fifth installment in the Second Life University video series came out last week. This time Boston Blaisdale takes us through customizing your look with hair and accessories in just under ten minutes!

Boston Blaisedale introducing this week's lesson

As with previous entries in this playlist, the description contains an extensive table of contents with timestamped URLs into the video. Twenty-nine entries for a nine and half minute video. Obviously, there’s a lot in this one and it goes by quick. New residents may want to watch a couple times.

Most what’s covered in this installment is likely to be well known to experienced residents. For people just starting out, it’s idea. It will save a lot of false starts while dressing up your new avatar.

The focus is on hair, jewelry, and accessories. A few things that are covered include:

Starting with men’s’ hair

  • Buying
  • Unpacking
  • Adding (not wearing!) the box/HUD
  • What’s in the box
  • Applying hair bases
  • Wearing the hair (again, add not wear)
  • Resizing scripts
  • Editing to shift and rotate the object
  • Using the hair’s texture HUD
  • Changing hair base to match selected hair colour

On to women’s hair. Boston notes that many women’s hair packs include more sizes obviating the need to do as much editing.

Starting with a pair of earrings from Marketplace, he goes on to show how rigged jewelry needs no editing. The use option/style HUDs is illustrated. Then on to buying a backpack off the rack, adding it, and tweaking its position with the editor.

Finally, in shopping for a neck scarf he discusses fatpacks vs. singles, rigged and unrigged versions that can appear in the same box, and notes that neck accessories help hide neck/head blending issues. Great tip by the way. They do!!

Oldbies will find nothing new in this episode, but this is yet another good, quick tutorial we can point confused looking new residents to.

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