Fantasy Faire 2023 – Dingir

A woman with long white hair wearing a blue square neck, medieval style gown stands in a desert landscape. Palm trees stand behind her and to her left.

I’m back home at the sky cinema, a nice quiet place to type up the last of today’s posts.

The final exploration was the Fantasy Faire 2023 region of Dingir, a really intricate and fascinating build with a very detailed backstory.

Sponsor: What’s Lost Spirits
Designer: What88 Zond

Behind a sculpture (or is it?) of a sleeping face, a portal between worlds shimmers. Giant crystals surround the portal on both sides.

Dingir is a forgotten city in another existence. The backstory reads like it’s a place between worlds, of dreams and actuality. Some force or entities entered Dingir that should not have, leaving it as we see it now.

One of the first things I see looks like a gateway, between dream and waking worlds? It is off to the side. But it appears to be impassible. A sculpture (or is it?) of a sleeping face rests before the shimmering portal through which another world may be glimpsed, but only glimpsed.

The sky is clear, but dark with stars that seem dim and distant… weakened. The sky itself looks like it has been fractured.

An agonized face breaks through the heart of the city while one of its giant hands grasps at a statue of an woman standing on one hand, poised over a sleeping face.

A giant figure with an agonized face is bursting through the center of the city. Her hand claws at a statue. By accident, or intent? Is this the manifestation of the other world’s contamination of the dream?

A statue of a tall woman stands on a heavy, deco plinth. It is surmounted by a thin crescent moon shape with limbs pointing downward. Giant crystal shapes and a dark sky fill the background.

Other, untouched, sculptures can be seen in crystal alcoves off the path.

Two intertwined statues bear a fractured globe. They stand on a heavy plinth which is filled with water. By the far side of the plinth, two curiously disturbing thrones have been placed. They each have a single eye at the summit of their backs. Giant crystals and a black sky fill the background.

At the pinacle of the path, a pair of Atlas like figures together hold up a fractured globe. Two vaguely disturbing thrones are positioned for somebody to look on.


Dingir is a shopping region, and their are plenty to choose from. The shops I encountered are:

  • Artemis Corner
  • Kreep
  • Germinal
  • Byrne
  • AseRiz
  • Vortech
  • Spider Productions
  • Color Alchemists
  • anc Ltd.
  • Noble Creations
  • What’s Lost Spirits (yep, some of the build’s elements can be found here)
  • Secrets of Gaia
  • Flashpoint
  • +CAF+
  • MOCZ
  • Celestial Howler
  • fluff
  • AG
  • Eclectica
  • 3M MMMA
  • Lassitudeeennui


Tomorrow’s goals are more limited. If I can get through Szystrum Synod and write it up, I’ll be happy!


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