A Busy Season in Second Life

Spring and early summer can turn almost hectic for me in Second Life. There’s a sequence of huge events that I adore. I spend many hours at each of them. Fantasy Faire is going on even as I type – in a deserted club where nobody will interrupt me. In mid-May, Sci-fi Con 14 will kick off. Then, in June, it’s time for SL19B!

Fantasy Faire 2022

I briefly mentioned earlier that Fantasy Faire was already drawing a lot of my attention. It started on the 18th and will run through May 8th. And there’s so much to attend this year! I have twenty regions to explore. OK, only thirteen now as I have been through seven of them as of today.

Mythspire Ridge

For all the information about this year’s Fantasy Faire, see:

Inara provided some great background information about the faire’s relationship with the American Cancer Society, Relay for Life. Over the years, this event has been an enormous success, raising over half a million real dollars. Of 5,000 global RFL teams, Fantasy Faire is reportedly ranked #19. Well done!

I started my exploration at the beginning, Fairelands Junction. Here you can find portals to all the other regions. There is also a collection of miniature builds in displays around the grounds. Very worth a browse.

This is also where you will run into the serious side of the event. Outside either of the side entrances, you can find collections of candles. You can buy a candle, which lights it, and give it a message. Others will see this message if they click on your candle.

Having lost an old friend to cancer this year, I had good reason to light a candle. By all means, do so yourself, and contribute your bit of light.

The next region I explored is still my fave. Mythspire Ridge, a brilliant build. See the photo above. I really felt as though I’d stepped into a fantasy novel. I’d go on and on about it, but once again Inara Pey has already said it far better than I can.

I still have much exploring to enjoy. There are also tours organized by LitFest and a masked ball I hope to catch as well.

Sci-fi Con 14

As the title implies, Sci-fi con has been going in Second Life slightly longer than I have. (It’s nice whenever I’m not the oldest!) You can visit the event site but it’s as yet a work in progress. Everything I know about it is from a package of information Stabitha (What88.Zond) in the Novatech group.

Sci-fi Con is also a RFL event. It will run from May 18th through the 29th and will consist of nine regions, looks like there will be an entry zone and eight themed regions. Those themes are to be:

  • EchoTech
  • Steampunk (yay!)
  • Space Western
  • Near Future
  • Superheros
  • SilverTech
  • Dieselpunk (also yay!)
  • Cyberpunk (ooh! I have outfits!)

I visited the 2022 Sci-fi Con map room and most definitely did not bring a hidden camera. I have no idea where the picture below of the work in progress map came from!

Over the course of the convention, there will be several special events including Jail & Bail and Drop a Linden in Lava (!). Poor Lindens!

Some pre-build photos were included in the information package, and were handed out with full permissions, so I think it should be okay to pass them along.

Preview Image of the Diesel Theme by Roxy Chronotis (roxy.christenson)
Preview Image of the SilverTech Theme by Roxy Chronotis (roxy.christenson)


Second Life will turn nineteen years old on Jun 23rd. As always, there will be a huge SL19B event to celebrate. This year, the party runs from Jun 16th though Jul 5th. The call for volunteers has gone out. The deadline for applications is May 8th. I’m going to check my calendar to see if I can help out this year. Or maybe I’ll talk my goody two shoes main account into doing it.

A Live Performer from SL18B

The theme for this year is Steampunk. That being one of my fave sci-fi/fantasy aesthetics, I’m really looking forward to this one.

Digression – Do I Need Botox?

Completely off topic but looking back at my selfie from The Carnelian Archive I’m wondering if I need to tweak my face a little. I checked, and my mesh head was not running any particular animation to come up with that sour look. So even in SL, I have my RBF.

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